Monday, February 16, 2004

"May, she will stay": DC Comics' May solicitations are up on the website, a good five hours before the embargo:

In an unusual blast from the far-flung past, DC resurrects the DC 100-Page Super Spectacular, billed as "a stunning facsimile of the classic 1971 collection," and featuring reprints of Justice League of America #21-22, The Brave & The Bold #34, More Fun Comics #55, Adventure Comics #190, Action Comics #146, and a previously unpublished Wildcat story. The $6.95 price tag may make a few folks flinch but, come on, it's 100 pages (well, 96)! And it's spectacular! It says so right on the cover.

The new Firestorm series launches, minus Ronnie Raymond (for now), plus a new costume. Expect rioting.

Eeking in under his exclusive contract with Marvel, Alan Davis debuts Justice League of America: Another Nail, the cleverly titled sequel to The Nail.

Who will be the new Robin? I don't know (and don't really care), but she's blonde.

The mystery of the new Supergirl continues in Superman/Batman #10 as the action moves to Paradise Island -- so Michael Turner will have an excuse to draw Wonder Woman and other scantily clad Amazons.

The new creative team of Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Ryan Sook starts with Hawkman #28. I don't really have an opinion of the writers or the character, but I love Sook's art.

Remember the old Super Powers comics, which were just an excuse to sell Kenner action figures? Two decades later, we have the newest in toy tie-ins: Batman: Cyber Revolution, a five-part miniseries that's linked to "Mattel's newest, most innovative toy line ever!"

I'm excited about this, as much for Cameron Stewart's art as for Grant Morrison's writing: The three-issue Sea Guy debuts. One of the main characters is a cigar-smoking tuna. How can you top that?