Monday, February 16, 2004

The one and Oni: Newsarama talks to Oni Press' Jamie S. Rich and James Lucas Jones about the publisher's success stories, and what it has planned for 2004:

Jamie S. Rich: "I think Oni Press has been as it always has been. We tend to do our thing and grow and adapt and we don’t make a big stink out of it. We let the books speak for themselves. The most obvious shift for us was going downsizing the amount of serialized comics we were doing and have been doing a lot more original graphic novels. It seemed the right time to start making that shift, and it’s definitely paid off."

James Lucas Jones: "Yeah, I don't think we really worry about what everyone else is doing. We do what we think is best for our creators, the books, and the company and go from there. The general trend towards graphic novels didn't matter to us so much as the trends we were seeing on our own books. It made sense for us, so we started to move more in that direction."