Sunday, February 15, 2004

Didio economics: Christopher Butcher is back to semi-regular blogging -- though his permalinks are screwy -- with an interesting look at DC Comics, its new CMX manga line, and making money in the world of publishing:

"So why is DC trying to make money with comics, after fiddling away off in the corner for so many, many years now? I mean, it’s not just the CMX manga line. They’ve started getting competitive salary-wise with Marvel for creators on their books, they’re pushing in a ton of different ways and formats, and it looks more and more like creators, and not characters, have become the priority when it comes to big-promotion. NEIL GAIMAN, JIM LEE, MICHAEL TURNER! MORE! This is very un-DC behaviour. So, again, what changed?

"Well, Dan Didio, obviously."