Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ad campaign: Also at ICv2.com, retailer Robert Scott rants about advertising comics on television, and attempts to force a parallel with the music and movie industries:

"Movies and CD's cost far more to create and promote than comics and per title, are produced on a far less timely pace and at retail carry a much smaller retail value. Why do I say this? Well, movie franchises normally release installments once every 2-4 years and music albums every 1-2 years with singles sprinkled in. SRP on DVDs seems to run $20-25 and CDs run $10-15.

"Looking at comics and reviving and expanding an old analogy (from Ellis IIRC) comic issues or "singles" are released as often as monthly or 12 per year with an average cost of $2.75 or $33/yr and are often collected into at least 1 "Album" at $15. So a single title with one TPB, produced at a cost far less than it's CD/DVD brethren, has potential retail sales of $48/yr or 2-3x the CD/DVD."

So if you add the 2 and carry the 1 ... the analogy still doesn't work.