Thursday, May 20, 2004

The DVD connection: Also at, retailer Robert Scott calls for cross-promotions between comics and comic-based DVDs:

"Marvel's recent string of successes have allowed them to go from taking whatever they were offered as happened with the first X-Men and Spider-Man movies, to being able to set their own terms. There is absolutely no reason that a free special edition comic could not be created in support of each new comic based movie released on DVD. The comic could be offered to comic shops similarly to FCBD comics, perhaps in bundles of 50-100 at $10-15 per bundle.

"Ideally, the book could be 32-64 pages containing a front story starring the property on the DVD with the back story(s) involving excerpts from other books or the main property crossing over with other characters.

"Each new release DVD would have a sticker on front noting that there was a coupon inside redeemable for the Special Edition comic at local comic shops. Publishers and retailers sharing the cost and bringing it to a such a small cost, only the most belligerent could argue against it."