Thursday, May 20, 2004

Machina man, Part 2: Comic Book Resources talks with artist Tony Harris about Ex Machina, his new WildStorm series with Brian K. Vaughan:

"It's a great workout for me as a story teller. It's a great mix of high drama, political intrigue, and action- with a splash of costumed stuff, too. So I can't rely on the splashy hero shots to carry the visuals. I have to rely on my ability as an actor with the facial expressions, the body language between characters, etc. ... That's what drives this project for me. So when you get to action, hopefully you will have been sucked into these characters and their lives, then the action sequences become urgent in a huge way. Plus there is the other major character in Ex Machina: New York City! Jeebus!! I though creating and drawing Opal City in Starman was tough -- this is harder. New York is real, Opal was not. There are alot folks that live in and love New York. Plus they know it quite well. Brian is a native to New York City as well, so it was really important for me to give the city the respect it deserves. Right down to the slightest details. City Hall, Cops uniforms, police cars, FDNY, specific areas in the 5 Burroughs, and most importantly, The Brooklyn Bridge. If you are a New Yorker, you will appreciate this book."