Thursday, May 20, 2004

"I’ve never wanted to get stale":'s Bags and Boards talks with Stuart Moore:

"My specialty is science fiction, but I like a lot of different kinds of novels, movies, and comics. I really admire the careers of film directors like John Sayles and Steven Soderbergh who make very different projects at different times, applying varying techniques depending on the film but bringing their basic sense of storytelling and moviemaking to each one. The closest we have to that in comics is Alan Moore, who -- aside from being an amazing talent -- also hops genres a lot. That’s my ideal as well.

I’ve never wanted to get stale in my working career -- that’s why I left a very comfortable job at St. Martin’s Press, and why, after nine years on staff, I left DC rather than just sit around and do the same thing. The same is true of my writing. You have to challenge yourself, make yourself try new, difficult things all the time. Otherwise, you get very bored and restless -- I do, anyway. And then I’d probably just take it out on my cats. Especially the one who keeps trying to steal my chair."