Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Legion found: Newsarama confirms that Mark Waid and Barry Kitson will revamp Legion of Super-Heroes, beginning with Teen Titans #17, continuing through September's Teen Titans/Legion Special and culminating in December's Legion of Super-Heroes #1:

"I loved Legion Lost and admired the forward-thinking science-fiction elements Abnett, Lanning and their co-conspirators brought to the series. That said, I think every creator working on the book since longtime writer Paul Levitz left over 15 years ago -- including me -- has been continually shackled by an ever-changing, ever-morphing continuity that’s continually weakened the Legion’s very foundation. With all the earth-shattering, world-redefining events that are happening in the present-day DCU in general in the next year or so, DC felt that there’d be no better opportunity to rethink and redefine the future as well."