Sunday, May 23, 2004

More from Philadelphia: Comics Continuum files its reports from Wizard World East, and includes some nuggets left out of the coverage by Newsarama and The Pulse. Some highlights:

* In his "Cup o' Joe" panel, Quesada mentioned that Garth Ennis will be working on another Marvel character "very soon," and that Neil Gaiman will have another project for the publisher next year.
* During the Avengers panel, editor Tom Brevoort said Captain Marvel will reappear in another title, but not The Avengers.
* In the DC/WildStorm panel, Dan DiDio said Andy Diggle and Pascual Ferry's Adam Strange miniseries "will reset the science-fiction aspect of the DC Universe." In what may or may not be an unrelated statement, he also said there are plans for Mister Miracle and the New Gods.