Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Noble intentions: Silver Bullet Comic Books talks with Jay Faerber, whose Noble Causes will relaunch this summer as an ongoing series:

"I admit, the book's had a shaky publishing life. We really have tried everything, and that's mainly because I didn't want to give up on the book without having tried everything. I didn't want to look back and think, 'Maybe if we'd gone to b&w …' or 'maybe if the book was just a mini-series.' So, we tried stuff. If it didn't work, we examined why, and tried something else. This time, we're trying the format that super-hero fans like best — the ongoing, color, monthly series. I think that if you do anything less than a monthly, too many fans will just decide to wait for the trade. But super-hero fans have a special relationship with monthlies — I think that, generally speaking, it's their format of choice. They like hitting the store every week, and getting their stash, and reading Previews, and seeing which book their favorite character is going to guest-star in. All that stuff. And I don't want it to sound pompous when I say 'they.' I guess I should say 'we,' because I'm still a big super-hero fan myself. I get to the store almost every week, and spend at least $20 each time. So, I'm hoping that by being on the stands every month, in color, fans will realize that they can rely on us to provide some kick-ass entertainment."