Monday, May 10, 2004

Remolding the Man of Steel: The May 17 edition of Time magazine examines DC Comics' latest plans to reinvigorate Superman:

"For America's multimillion-dollar Superman industry, it's a serious problem. This is a guy who's from outer space — he was born on the planet Krypton, let's not forget — but he's also from another time. He debuted in the 1930s, when Americans liked their heroes like they liked their steaks: tough, thick and all-American. Nowadays we prefer our heroes dark and flawed and tragic. Look at the Punisher (wife and kids dead), or Hellboy (born a demon), or Spider-Man (secretly a nerd). Look at Batman: his parents were killed in front of him, and he dresses like a Cure fan. Now look at the big blue Boy Scout, with his cleft chin and his spit curl. He's just not cool."

Paul Levitz, Jim Lee, Chuck Austen and Jerry Seinfeld are interviewed for the piece.