Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Angel, in the outfield: Peter David speaks candidly to Newsarama about his struggling Fallen Angel:

"Thanks to the blowout I had with Marvel a few years back [U-Decide, where David’s Captain Marvel was put into competition against Bill Jemas’ Marville, and the Joe Quesada-sponsored Ultimate Adventures, with the emphasis placed on readers responding to the quality of the story more than the art, packaging, or promotion] there’s now this perception that the person who has the least influence over a book’s success—the writer—is apparently the go-to guy when a book doesn’t continue. I knew that Fallen Angel conceptually was going to be a tough sell from the get go. We’ve got a female lead who doesn’t dress in a revealing costume, in an environment shrouded in ambiguity. Ambiguity isn’t easy to get audiences to embrace. A film historian pointed out that if Casablanca were being made today, the studio would have excised all ambiguity in the script by the second draft. Instead it’s sixty years later and we still don’t know whose side Ilsa was really on. That was my creative decision, and if that provides us difficulties—if asking the audience to step up a few levels rather than dumbing down costs us readers—that buck stops here."