Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Marketing Identity: The promised mainstream media onslaught has begun for DC Comics' Identity Crisis. Today's New York Daily News, Houston Chronicle and St. Louis Post-Dispatch all speak with author Brad Meltzer about the summer's big whodunit:

"What Identity Crisis is about is not a murder mystery; what Identity Crisis is about is the cost of being a superhero."

"DC actually gave me a list of characters I could kill. And there were some pretty big names on that list, let me tell you. But I wanted to do a story that really meant something. Death is an easy plot device in comic books. Characters die all the time and then come back to life. You kill a Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman and you know that's not going to be permanent. I wanted to do a death story put the fear back in these people. I wanted to show that there are consequences to being a hero."

For those dying to know who bites it in Identity Crisis, Franklin Harris has the answer.

Update: Newsarama and The Pulse get in on the Identity Crisis action, too.