Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Being Igor Kordey: Silver Bullet Comic Books talks with Igor Kordey about his family, what it means to be an "artist," and the daily battle with the drawing table:

"It’s not easy; it requires discipline, focus and motivation. Well, after 30 years of doing it, it was about time to achieve those skills (heh). I get up early, and do most of my work with gusto up till 2-3 PM. Everything after that is just a struggle with myself. Damn deadlines!

"But music helps really much, good Turkish coffee, and my tobacco. I eat usually once a day, around 5-6 pm when it’s time for a break. When I’m not working, I read a lot, cook, go to my favourite comic or CD shop, go to my tae kwon do training, try to get laid, go to the theater, walk by the river when it is warm enough. Not much to do in my free time since my family’s not with me anymore. And since we sold that house (I live in the studio now), I don’t go out so much since they banned smoking in Winnipeg in public places last year. I don’t like to humiliate myself by smoking on the back door of the bar at –35C. That’s inhuman and non-democratic. Damn hypocrites! They, like, care for environment but they don’t want to ban gasoline cars."