Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Exit interview: Comic Book Resources chats with Jeff Mariotte about his departure from IDW Publishing:

"[The biggest challenge has been] probably the same thing that any small publisher faces which is trying to eke out a niche in a really, really crowded marketplace. Trying to shake loose retailer dollars from the big three and get that community to pay attention to what we're doing. I very much believe in the product that we're putting out and I think it's really good stuff, but small press has to yell extra loud to be heard above the noise. We've tried to do that and at the same time, because we're an independent and don't have the deep pockets of a DC or somebody, we've had to do it on a little bit of a budget. The company is doing fine and the finances are flowing, but we don't pay top DC rates, so there are those guys who are unavailable to us that work for DC or Marvel."