Monday, June 21, 2004

It tolls for thee: While we're sounding death knells, let's go to Ninth Art, where Paul O'Brien examines what went wrong with DC's expiring Focus line:

"Somebody, somewhere, is presumably thinking along these lines. We publish loads of superhero comics. We want to expand the market. Let's play it safe and produce these strange and slightly experimental superhero hybrids. This way, we'll cover all our bases and maximise our audience.

"If that's the reasoning, then it's obviously not working. Instead, these books appear to be disappearing into a demographic black hole where only the hardest of hardcore comics fans venture - the ones who'll pick up the first issue of practically anything. The fact that the DC Focus line were all ordered so closely together should be an obvious alarm bell, indicating that retailers expected it to sell to DC completists, and pretty much nobody else. It would seem unlikely that they were envisaging an audience of DC Focus fans who would buy all four titles, especially given that they have nothing whatsoever in common with one another."