Monday, June 07, 2004

Waiting is the hardest part: At Ninth Art, Lindsay Duff complains about the delays between issues of series like NYX, Ministry of Space and Strangehaven:

"It is fair to say that late comics are bad from everyone's point of view. Reader, creator, publisher - they all stand to lose from a delay to the schedules. So, what can be done to minimise these problems?

"First, it would make sense to build up enough work on a particular title before the first issue is released to cover any potential difficulties. Second, people won't grumble if schedules are made realistic - Oni Press explicitly stated that the early run of QUEEN & COUNTRY would be bi-monthly. There was none of the sense of either creators struggling to keep to deadlines or of publishers trying to convince the purchasing public that their books would be out any week now, while Joe Consumer watches the months fly past."

On a related note, reports that Image has canceled orders for all issues of Spawn scheduled for release after August, and will resolicit them for the appropriate months. The publisher also is resoliciting some of its other late titles.