Saturday, July 31, 2004

California dreamin': The La Jolla (Calif.) Light talks with Jim Lee, John Nee and Scott Dunbier about the history of locally based WildStorm:

"'I'm really proud of what we do at Wildstorm,' said Dunbier. 'We're really a boutique of D.C. Comics.'

"Nee explained that the purchase of Wildstorm was certainly something of a catch for D.C. Comics, the conglomerate of comic book companies who were themselves acquired by Warner Communications, now AOL Time Warner, in 1976.

"'Wildstorm was making comics that D.C. wasn't,' said Nee. 'They were reaching an audience of readers that D.C. hadn't reached at the time. The big companies really had the branded companies and the smaller companies had the new characters. So, we reached a lot of the teen fans that D.C. comics weren't getting at the time.'"