Saturday, July 03, 2004

Clyde fan: At, Andrew Arnold talks with cartoonist Seth about Clyde Fans Book One:

"Drawing in smooth, almost aerodynamic lines, Seth evokes the style New Yorker cartoonists of the 1930s. Combined with its palette of black, gray and pale blue, the very look of Clyde Fans exudes a melancholy nostalgia. A major part of Seth's attempt at moving away from traditional comicbook storytelling includes, as he says, 'giving a story as much length and breathing space as it needs to be told, which usually means slowing down the narrative, [including] a lot of silent space — panels that aren't necessary to move the story along but are necessary just to create the right mood for what you're doing.' Papers fly down empty streets. A typewriter sits on a desk. People go by; things go by. Seth creates the elegiac atmosphere of an apocryphal, slow-paced past. He does it like no other comix artist, and the effect feels akin to taking a warm bath."