Friday, July 02, 2004

CrossGen diaspora: A new blog, The CrossGen Creator Watch, has been launched to keep track of the company's former creators:

"The CrossGen Creator Watch exists to provide timely information on what the various former CrossGen creators are doing in the comics industry. Information is compiled from various sources, including comics news websites, solicitations for upcoming comics, posts on blogs or message boards, convention reports, and the creators themselves.

"This isn't about transferring our love for the various series CrossGen used to publish to other books. It's also not about blindly following creators from one book to the next. And it's certainly not a vanity project. Rather, it's about supporting the creators and helping them get back on their feet financially, as many of them are owed money they may not ever get. It's about doing what we can to help repair the damage that's been done. (For the curious, a good summary of the whole situation can be found here.)

"But, most of all, it's about saying thanks to the creators for telling stories that were different from 80% of the comics out there, for putting 110% into their work, and for letting us be a part of the journey. This is for you, folks."