Thursday, July 08, 2004

CrossGen update: Newsarama checks in on CrossGen's Chapter 11 proceedings:

"The company saw income of $5,293,675.00 in 2002 (from sales and licensing); $5,453,221.00 in 2003 (from sales, licensing, and the sale of MegaCon); and $910,946.00 from the beginning of 2004 until the filing of Chapter 11.

"The statement also lists amounts paid to creditors within 90 days immediately proceeding the commencement of the case. Of these creditors, 580 industrial, the landlord of CrossGen’s space is still owed $130,000.00. Andy Smith, who sued for monies owed, was paid $1,960.00. Worldwide Express, CIT Group, and Zeno Office solutions are other creditors who were paid in the last 90 days, but to whom CrossGen still owes five figures or more."

In other news, The Beat reports that Mark Alessi, who's still owed more than $5 million, is selling his Odessa, Fla., mansion for $3.2 million.