Monday, August 09, 2004

Column fodder: Comics veteran Donna Barr, a frequent and hilarous contributor to "The Panel," launches a weekly column at Silver Bullet Comic Books:

"Did I read [comics] growing up? Well, other than the raggedy copy of something with the Hulk in it, that my brother and I used to sit on his bed reading out loud from in funny voices? Over and over and over and I still don't remember the plot? Or my two whole copies of ENEMY ACE? Or the number of Archie that I redid as a sort of Beatle-Bailey version of the World War Two German Army? Oh, yeah, and you think YOU've done the weirdest-ass version of a commie book, have you? Until you've seen Mr. Smithers dressed up as Colonel Klink and Yugheat going 'I know nothing! I see nothing!' to Frau von Veronika, you don't know warped. Hell, there are REASONS Robert Crumb thinks I'm weird, although I very much doubt he remembers saying so, there was a lot of smoke in the bar in Angouleme that night, but what's new? The only advantage One Bomb has over the Frog Show is at One Bomb you don't get raving bronchitis afterwards, from all the blue cigarette smoke.

"Okay, for those of you who've been living under a rock – SDCC is called 'One Bomb' because if you wanted to wipe out the entire industry, you need only wait until a certain weekend in July in San Diego, and it would only take One Bomb. And don't look at me, because I didn't make that one up, I'm just sharing. I'm generous that way (I'm a fricking gossip is what I am; don't tell me anything I think is funny or everybody will know)."