Monday, August 02, 2004

Comic-Con's indy side: At, Andrew Arnold focuses on the less mainstream aspects of Comic-Con International, including these interesting tidbits:
... Monsters of manga TOKYOPOP have plans to start a more adult-oriented imprint sometime in the near future. They have also begun soliciting gay comics creators for a series of shonen-ai books — the gay-themed soapers that traditionally appeal to girls.

Pantheon will be publishing Dan Clowes' "Eightball" #22, the "Leopold and Loeb" issue, with all new material, fleshing it out to a full graphic novel.

The artist known only as Rebecca, author of the porno series "Housewives at Play," is actually Fantagraphics' highest-paid author, with sales at least equaling that of FG's top-selling "legit" cartoonist Dan Clowes. Who knew?
Arnold also has, I believe, the first official attendance count: 87,000.