Wednesday, August 18, 2004

DC, from the top: sits down for a three-part interview with DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz and Vice President Direct Sales Bob Wayne, in which they discuss the state of the industry, the impact of movies on comics sales, and the company's recent partnerships with European publishers:

"I think the connection between the Catwoman film's creative and most of our publishing program is so tenuous that I'd be shocked if there were any direct connection on anything beyond the movie adaptation. We put out one trade paperback, Nine Lives of the Feline Fatale, to tie in with it. We'll sell a few of those. I don't think you'll see anything much more than that.

"When we get to Batman Begins next year, I think that will be really interesting. Constantine will be very interesting. That's a movie that will, in some ways, have the potential to have the same effect the first Batman movie had in that people will not have seen anything like it, and they may come out of it and say, 'This is cool! You mean this comes out of comics? Maybe I should check out some of these.' That may drive people in an interesting way."