Thursday, August 12, 2004

Retailer perspective: Newsarama chats with Jamie Graham, owner of the Graham Cracker’s Comics chain, about the sometimes grim financial realities of the convention circuit:

“So, when I go to say, WizardWorld Philadelphia, I’m expecting to make x number of dollars. That’s a bit of a haul. This year, when I didn’t make my goal because sales were down, I don’t have to sit down and analyze about returning – that show I know, can turn itself around. On the other hand, I’ve gone to Pittsburgh for ten or eleven years, and that one I do analyze, because it hasn’t been good in a long time, and it may not be worth me returning to. Or say, if someone would come in and start a show in Chicago, I’m not going to just hop in, because my logistics are expensive to do something like that. Even if it’s just me, it’s still a lot of work – hauling boxes – taking them off the floor of the store, put them in the van, drive the van, unload the van, set up, and then reverse everything. It’s a lot of work, so it’s got to be worthwhile.”