Thursday, August 19, 2004

Rule Britannia: Silver Bullet Comic Books talks with editor George Khoury about True Brit, which celebrates the work of UK comics artists like Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Alan Davis, Bryan Hitch, Dave McKean, David Lloyd and others:

"The main reason I did this book was because I was always surprised that most of my favorite comic book artists were Brits. To a degree, I've also felt that UK artists were a bit under-looked in comparison to the recognition writers like Moore, Morrison and Ellis received. This book is for every British artist of any generation, because I hope they never forget the contributions they've made in comics. Another thing I wanted to capture was the beautiful heritage of British comics, remembering some of those who are lesser known in the States because they deserve that right to be exposed to artists like Mike Noble or Syd Jordan, both of who are simply fabulous artists. At over 130,000 words and 250 images, I feel that this is easily the essential book on English comic art."