Friday, September 24, 2004

Street Angel, can you hear me? At Comic World News, Ed Cunard chats with Jim Rugg about Street Angel:

"It’s a book that stands in opposition to the books I hate. Perhaps a lot of readers hate many of the things I hate in mainstream comics too, and they either can’t articulate what they don’t like or Marvel/Image/DC ignores them. Some readers remain because they love the language or medium of comics and Street Angel may appeal to those folks. I can’t say for sure. My goal with the book is make a comic I enjoy, I don’t think we’ve done an issue yet that I’m satisfied with, but each issue has had a few elements that I thought worked well. I guess I’m not alone in what I want to see in a comic, and the people who have responded to it share some similarities in taste with me.

"Part of its appeal may come from the contraction of the industry. I think by and large there are fewer books that skew the mainstream now than there were ten to twenty years ago. With the ‘80s black and white boom and the rise of alternative publishers like First and Eclipse there were books like TMNT, The Tick, Flaming Carrot, even things like Miracleman, American Flagg, that were intelligent, thoughtful alternatives to the mainstream but were still genre work. There isn’t a lot of material available like that today. And I think the standalone aspect of the book makes it rather unique at the moment. Almost everything out there now is written for the collection. Despite the rise in book trade sales, comics are still sold in the 'pamphlet' format but practically no books are created to maximize this format. So that may appeal to some readers."