Friday, October 01, 2004

JLA's "rushing thrill ride": At The Pulse, Grant Morrison talks more about his JLA: Classified arc, which he promises will be jam-packed with "supercompressed" goodness:

"I had this insane idea for a JLA story where the JLA barely appear and Mike Carlin trusted me enough to let me do it in the first issue of a new JLA comic! The basic conceit is that a serious emergency arises while the JLA are lost on a mission in another universe. What happens when the world goes to hell and the only superheroes available to save the day get co-opted and used as weapons by the villains?

"I also fancied the idea of doing a story that was even more 'supercompressed' than I'd attempted before - this three-parter is like being loaded into a laser gun and fired at the moon. Lots of crazy things happen and they all happen very, very fast. It's a rushing thrill ride. Don't expect sensitive character studies or grieving men in spandex."