Thursday, October 28, 2004

The president wears Spandex

Writing for Tech Central Station, Joshua Elder scrutinizes the anti-Bush Tex!, and the "president-as-superhero polemic" that dogged Ronald Reagan two decades earlier in the pages of The Dark Knight Returns, Captain America and Reagan's Raiders:

"Perhaps the most egregious use of the 40th president's name and likeness in a comic book came with the publication in 1986 of Reagan's Raiders by Solson Publications. The spiritual ancestor of Tex!, this biting work of political satire featured Reagan and his senior staff undergoing an experimental 'physo-nuclear conversion' treatment invented by Professor Cashchaser which gave them superpowers and outrageously buffed up bodies. Donning poorly designed patriotic costumes and wielding M-16s, the GOP's finest fought a series of woefully uninspired and unfunny foes like the World Terrorist Organization and Bolivian cocaine factory workers. Thankfully this train wreck of a comic lasted only three issues before ceasing publication."