Monday, October 25, 2004

Things that go bump in the night: At Ninth Art, Zack Smith writes a nice overview of Ted Naifeh's wonderful Courtney Crumrin series:

"Since premiering in 2001, Courtney's oval, nose-less face has scowled its way through three increasingly dark, increasingly entertaining mini-series from Oni Press, abetted by the Herculean talents of her creator, Ted Naifeh. The result is some of the most wicked (and wickedly funny) fantasy comics of the last several years, the sort of stuff that can have you shivering in your seat on one page and cackling evilly on the next. Like Dahl's best work, it has a dead-on understanding of a child's point of view... and also understands that magic and wonder are not the kind of things that you can use without a price."