Monday, November 08, 2004

Fallen Angel's saving grace

Newsarama talks with Peter David about the future of Fallen Angel, and how the offbeat series miraculously escaped cancellation -- if only for now:

"DC had only committed to issue #18, as I mentioned to fans several months ago, and weren't willing to extend beyond that unless they saw some sort of turn around in sales and some sort of interest in the trade paperback. As of the point where they were doing the solicits for January, neither of those had happened.

"And then something strange occurred. At the last minute, there was a spike in both trade sales and comic orders. I was told there was a 30% increase in trade sales, whatever that means, possibly in response to the first issue freebie giveaway that DC, under Bob Wayne's guidance, instituted. This interested them enough to keep the series going for several more issues to see if sales were going to continue to climb."