Friday, November 05, 2004

'Hardy Boys' sneak peek

NBM Publishing's Papercutz imprint has posted the complete first issue of The Hardy Boys #1, for viewing until 5 p.m. Eastern today. According to a press release, the imprint is seeking reader reactions to run in the letters column of Issue 2.

The first issue, by Scott Lobdell and Lea Hernandez, kicks off "The Ocean of Osyria" three-part storyline. The comic is scheduled for a Nov. 24 release.

A four-page preview of Nancy Drew: The Demon of River Heights, by Stefan Petrucha and Sho (Sei) Murase, also is available.

On a related note, The New Yorker looks at the true mastermind behind Frank, Joe and Nancy: Edward Stratemeyer, whose "fiction factory" churned out their adventures in assembly-line fashion.