Thursday, November 18, 2004

Vancouver's 'comics marvels'

Canada's Georgia Straight takes a look at Vancouver's flourishing comics scene, which boasts mainstream creators like Kaare Andrews, Pia Guerra and Steve Rolston, and independent artists like Robin Konstabaris, Owen Plummer and Robin Bougie. And that's just for starters.

Here's Robin Fisher, who hosts a weekly CiTR show on comics called Onomatopoeia and works at RX Comics on Main Street:
"What I like best is there are always new cartoonists, nearly every month. I see people at art shows influenced by comics, a lot of people always doing comics. Just this past week, a new comic called Almost Evil by Dustin Ladd came out. It's funny cartoons with stick guys but really stylized, and I thought it was really excellent. We managed to sell all six copies."
The paper also spotlights 91-year-old Bus Griffiths, whose comic strips about life in a logging camp were collected in the 196-page Now You're Logging, first published in 1978.