Friday, November 05, 2004

WB passes on 'Global Frequency'

FrequencySite confirms the rumor that the WB has passed on the Global Frequency TV pilot, based on Warren Ellis' series. In a message to the website, executive producer John Rogers wrote:
You can make it official. The WB has passed on the pilot. However, they've also been real gentlemen and released it back to the studio to be taken elsewhere. Many networks hold onto pilots out of spite, fearing that if it succeeds elsewhere, they'll look bad. Luckily the WB folk value the product over politics. ...

... We're scheduling meetings now between various studio humans to decide where to take the show from here. Fortunately for us the television landscape has changed. Midseason and summer launches, 13 episode runs, genre shows are now no longer longshots but viable strategies. DC Comics stands enthusiastically behind both the comic and the show, especially now that they've seen the pilot.

I only ask that when we come back to you and ask you to show the TV humans that there IS an audience for a smart, hip genre show, you answer the call. We'll keep everyone updated.
(Link via Superhero Hype.)