Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's safe for me to buy 'Catwoman' again

As much as I enjoyed Catwoman, I fled the title when Paul Gulacy came on board as artist. But now, Newsarama reports, Pete Woods will join Will Pfeifer on the series in March -- which means I can safely return. Here's Pfeifer on his immediate plans for Catwoman:

"The tone will be similar, at least for the time being. I think Catwoman works the best as an adventure book with some film noir touches thrown in here and there. As an over-the-top super-hero book, it's not really playing to its strengths. Selina and the characters she hangs around with - except for the guy in the bat suit - are more down-to-Earth and, for lack of a better term, normal, than the rest of the DC Universe. In some ways, I want to continue the tone I used in HERO - people trying to live normal lives in a very abnormal place. Naturally, there will be all sorts of reasons Selina can't/won't live a 'normal' life - otherwise, the book would get a little tedious: 'Page one, panel one: Selina sits in her cubicle at her data processing job, trying to remember if she put a cover sheet on her TPS report. Page one, panel two: Selina makes a cup of coffee...'

"Much, but not all, of the supporting cast will be sticking around. Selina's connection to Gotham's East End - and to people like Holly in particular - are a big part of what defines her as a character for me. Removing those elements from her life would change things pretty drastically, and for no good reason. That's not saying I won't be turning her entire life upside down now and then...�"