Thursday, December 23, 2004

'Next' stop, confusing solicitations

Although Marvel's solicitations for March were "leaked" on Dec. 14, the official versions are now posted, complete with cover images.

Someone apparently forgot to tell the solicitations guys about the big "Marvel Next" initiative, because those titles have been scattered to the winds: Spellbinders #1 appears under "Marvel Next," but X-23 #4 is under "Marvel Knights" and Arana #3 is under "Spider-Man," while Livewires #2, Runaways #2 and Young Avengers #2 are under "Marvel Heroes." It's tough to make an impact with a new "line" when the books don't appear together in the same listings.

I wonder why the Mary Jane: Homecoming miniseries isn't included as part of "Marvel Next." Publisher Dan Buckley described the initiative as "a way for us to promote these teen focused stories to their core readership." One would think the second try at the "teen-focused" Mary Jane could benefit from the extra promotional push.

On the plus side, Jo Chen's cover for Runaways #2 (pictured above) is quite nice.