Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Something wicked this way comes, redux

At Yet Another Comics Blog, Dave wraps up his look at December Previews.

Meanwhile, at Comics Worth Reading, Johanna makes her own recommendations, and throws in some snark for good measure. She also voices some reservations about DC's CMX line:
I want to support DC's CMX line, but so far, none of the titles have clicked with me. I have a better track record with other manga publishers, and CMX is almost too diverse. They've got a girly ballerina book (which I'm told I would like), a couple of action titles, some comedy... even if I liked one, it wouldn't tell me if I'd like any of the others. I was curious about Tenjho Tenge, but they had to put a logo splash over what would have been a panty shot in the three sample pages in the catalog, so it's probably not for me.
I feel much the same way. I want to support the imprint, but I don't see much that interests me. I bought Musashi #9 Vol. 1, but couldn't make it through the first chapter.