Monday, December 06, 2004

'The biggest comics publishing story of the year'

As part of its "The Year in Books" coverage, Publishers Weekly (subscription required) examines the impact of manga in 2004:

"Manga is the biggest comics publishing story of the year—and also last year. But if you're completely stumped, don't feel bad. You're going to get many more chances to learn more about manga and other kinds of comics in the year ahead. While the sales of all kinds of graphic novels are growing, during 2004 manga titles remained the hottest selling graphic novels in the book market. In 2003, manga publishers—houses like Viz, Tokyopop, Dark Horse, CPM, Antarctic Press and now Del Rey—released about 500 to 600 titles combined. In 2004, it's estimated that publishers have released about 1,000 manga titles. According to, a pop culture merchandise trade news Web site, sales of graphic novels in 2004 will likely top $170 million—another rise despite fears of a product glut. Milton Griepp, founder of, told PW earlier this year, 'The underlying trend seems very strong, and it's continuing.'"