Monday, December 20, 2004

TMP bankruptcy: What does it all mean?

Today is Analysis Day for Todd McFarlane Productions' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. At Newsarama, Matt Brady kicks things off by putting to rest some of the message-board speculation:
First, despite other, misleading reports, Todd McFarlane has not personally filed for Chapter 11, but rather Todd McFarlane Productions Inc., the company responsible for publishing the Spawn comic book issue #140 recently shipped, making it the longest running title published by Image Comics), as well as other comics and magazines that come out from the McFarlane empire. According to company information, its assets include the rights to more than 250 intellectual properties and characters. The distinction is an important one, as McFarlane is the head of a large entertainment empire, of which, TMP is only one facet. McFarlane himself is not bankrupt, and his other companies (though some are rumored to be struggling) are in no way affected by the filing.
At The Beat, Heidi MacDonald provides a handy-dandy timeline of the Tony Twist case, and calms bulletin-board fears that this latest turn of events might somehow affect Image Comics.