Tuesday, January 04, 2005

ComicsOne replaced by DrMaster?

Eagle-eyed Heidi MacDonald combs through an otherwise run-of-the-mill press release announcing a distribution deal between Diamond and a company named DrMaster, and discovers this little nugget:
“ComicsOne was one of our best clients and we are elated to welcome its newest incarnation into the fold,” said Diamond Vice President of Purchasing Bill Schanes. “This latest agreement will help us continue making sure these brilliant books from Asia reach the widest American audience possible.”
So, it seems as if manhua and manga publisher ComicsOne has been, in Heidi's words, "folded back into" parent company DrMaster.

Go to The Beat for more details and the full text of the Diamond release.

Update: DrMaster marketing manager Shawn Sanders tells Anime News Network that ComicsOne isn't ceasing operations, and is expected to continue releasing its Kung Fu comics line and some of its older manga. Sanders clarified that DrMaster, ComicsOne's Asian printer -- not owner -- is expected to take over publication of newer manga. However, ComicsOne will not release new titles.