Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm not just linking to this because my name is mentioned

Really. In this week's installment of "The Basement Tapes," Joey Casey and Matt Fraction tackle that inevitable topic -- the comics blogosphere:
Blogs are awesome when someone, somewhere, for whatever reason, decides to soapbox it and throw their two cents out there just to see what happens. Unconventional perspectives and ideas, unencumbered by the need for hits, ad dollars, approval, endorsement, or anything other than pure communication. And it seems to me that there are a lot more women in Blogopolis than in the pages of Wizard or The Journal, which is good.

... I think it's great when someone writes a killer piece on NEW FRONTIER or SCOTT PILGRIM because they absolutely loved (or hated) it. I think it's okay when some people write pieces responding to that. I think it sucks when the blogatorium become choked by a sense of duty to review or comment on NEW FRONTIER or SCOTT PILGRIM because 19 other blogs have done it. I hate the enforced blogcycle-by-obligation. We're dealing with two mediums already prone to becoming a little club-housey-- comics and the 'net-- so anything that reinforces that sort of thing bums me out a little.