Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Manga News Service launches

Anime News Service has launched a sister site, Manga News Service, devoted to -- you guessed it -- reporting news of the manga industry:
ANS specializes in exclusive content on new properties and trends directly from Japan and delivers it to English readers before it can be incorporated into the monthly news cycles of most popular magazines on either side of the Pacific (or Atlantic) on many occasions. Manga News Service will capitalize upon the unrivaled resources and experience of ANS, being solely dedicated to covering the pop Japanese print industries: Manga, Doujinshi and Light Novels. The site's content umbrella will also cover the strongly emerging realm of Korean Comics (Manwha).
It's good to see another site devoted to manga coverage. The only down side is that MNS is saddled with the same clunky design that often makes ANS a tough read.