Friday, January 07, 2005

Slowly he blogged ...

The scarcity of posts these past couple of days can be attributed to a free-lance project -- I'm editing and designing a 220-something page handbook/workbook -- and a short comics script that I'd planned to have done a couple of weeks ago (curse you, fates).

Somehow, I overlooked Laura Tegan's Colonia contest. I don't know much about the book, other than the cover looks really interesting, but go check out the giveaway. While you're there, read Laura's "Flipping Through Previews."

Before I forget, Sam Costello at Little Terrors is doing some solid horror blogging this week with his daily "Wishlist 2005" entries: On Tuesday, it was "More Manga for Adults"; on Wednesday, "More Danielewski" (House of Leaves); on Thursday, "Less Zombies, Less Vampires"; and today, "More Junji Ito, and then some."

And since we're on the subject, Chris Arrant and Shane Bailey point out Nate Southard's essay about the problem with depicting horror in comics. Specifically, Southard contends "you just can’t scare people with comics":
Why? Because comics are a visual medium, but not an auditory one. It’s next to impossible to frighten someone with a drawn visual. The visual will never be as horrific as what your mind can conjure. What were Lovecraft’s creatures like? They were unnamable creatures from beyond the stars that defied human description. How could an artist ever draw that? Why do think we’ve never seen a good “Call of Cthulhu” film?
I may comment on some of his points this weekend, if I have the time. Although these issues certainly have been addressed before, I'm curious to hear (see?) thoughts from other folks (particularly, say, Sam, Rick and Dorian.)