Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Marvel signs deals with four publishing houses

Marvel has announced licensing agreements with DK Publishing, Harper Collins, Meredith Books and Simon & Schuster's Pocket Books, which will mean a larger presence for its superheroes in "adult novelizations," children's storybooks, coloring books and more.

DK Publishing will continue its popular Ultimate Guides series, and develop a line spotlighting Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, X-Men and The Avengers. HarperCollins will handle movie tie-ins, including Fantastic Four, X-Men 3 (May 2006) and Spider-Man 3 (May 2007). Simon & Schuster's Pocket Books will develop a line of "adult paperback novels" with new stories featuring Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Ultimates characters, among others. Meredith books will concentrate on children's books, such as sound storybooks, coloring books and picture storybooks.