Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Reviewing the year-end reviews

At Bookslut, Karin L. Kross scrutinizes Salon and's best comics lists:
Salon's Scott Thill was willing to note that at least one of the Big Two published some worthy material. Granted, The Originals and Son of the Gun were not from the main DC publishing lines (being Vertigo and Humanoids, respectively), but at least he doesn't appear to be quite as obsessed with his hipster credibility as Time's Andrew Arnold. Here it's not "comics" or even "graphic novels", but "comix", and McSweeney's #13 (a worthy feature on any list, let me emphasize), Seth, and Jaime Hernandez are writ large. I'm glad that they included Bone, mind you; the publication of the one-volume anthology was one of the happier events of the last year.

There are two glaring omissions in both lists, however:

1) No women.

2) No superheroes, or anything that could even be construed as superheroes, or hard science fiction.