Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Catwoman: Now with fewer crotch shots!

Although I enjoyed Ed Brubaker's writing on Catwoman, I fled screaming from the title once Paul Gulacy came onboard as artist. I can handle only so many crotch shots and anguished faces in my comics. So, of course, I was happy to see news that Pete Woods would be joining Will Pfeifer on the book, signaling an end to the Spandex-porn era.

At Newsarama, Chris Arrant talks with Woods about his interpretation of Catwoman:
I intentionally avoided looking at previous artists on Catwoman so I wouldn't be overly influenced. That said I am a big fan of everything Darwyn has done. The costume redesign was a stroke of genius. He managed to reinvent the character and yet keep her recognizable as Catwoman - quite a feat.

I'm going for a look I think is unique in the history of the book so there's just not that much to pull from.

... One of the problems I have with a lot of comics out there is the way women are portrayed both visually and story wise. The major challenge for me will be to make Selina look attractive and powerful without being exploitive. I want Selina to look believable - like someone you could see in the real world, yet someone who is capable of doing the things Catwoman does. My wife Rebecca does a lot of posing to help ensure I get things right.