Sunday, February 20, 2005

Yes, yes, the kids love the anime and the manga

Agence France-Presse attends Katsucon 11 in Arlington, Va., and discovers that, yes, the previous 987 articles are true: American kids love manga and anime.

Although by this time even my parents know what manga and anime are, AFP does its darnedest to explain them:
Anime art is characterized by heroes with oversized eyes and small noses, and is drawn with sharper lines and less detail than Western animation.

Japanese comic books, or mangas, are drawn in the anime style. The word however is commonly used as shorthand for animated TV series and movies.

The vast anime universe encompasses everything from Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards to Hello Kitty! paraphernalia to Gundam robots and Dragonball Z superheroes. There are also hyper-cool detectives, futuristic bounty hunters, lots of teen romance, and fantastical samurai adventures.

Anime story lines are more complex than Western cartoons. They often cover mature themes and routinely include nudity and violence. And unlike in US cartoons, people die in anime shows.