Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Farrago (review edition!)

I stopped regularly linking to mainstream media reviews some time ago, but these may be worth noting, if only for the variety and number of books covered:

Toronto's Metro reviews a gaggle of comics: Bone Vol. 1: Out From Boneville, PVP Vol. 2: Reloaded, Bizarro World, Small Gods Vol. 1: Killing Grin, Wet Moon Book 1: Feeble Wanderings, Noble Causes Vol. 3: Distant Relatives, and Seaguy.

Ohio's Columbus Alive considers Marvel's Young Avengers and Runaways, then briefly reviews A Bag of Anteaters, Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, Son of the Gun Book Two: Saint, and Promethea #32. (Thanks, Dara, for the link.)