Sunday, March 06, 2005

Creator profile: John Byrne

The Stamford, Conn., Advocate chats with Fairfield resident John Byrne about his career and his return to Superman and Action Comics:
"I went full time doing nothing but comics about 11 months into the business and haven't gone back since," Byrne said. "It gets scary sometimes. The comics industry is notorious for not taking care of its own (and) there was a while a year ago when I had one monthly (assignment) and was practicing saying 'Do you want fries with that?' "
The newspaper also goes to Joe Kubert for some words about Byrne and his work:
"Drawing's an important part, but not the be all and the end all," said DC artist Joe Kubert -- of Sgt. Rock fame -- whose work hangs in Byrne's home studio in Fairfield. "You can do the most beautiful drawing in the world. If it doesn't tell the story, it's not doing the job. John is an incredible practitioner in telling the story. . . . (His) abilities really reflect all those things necessary to be a good cartoonist."