Monday, March 07, 2005

Creator profile: Robert Crumb

The Guardian kicks off a week devoted to the works of Robert Crumb with a lengthy interview with the 62-year-old artist and his wife Aline at their home in the south of France:
I ask Aline, who depicted herself losing her virginity in her first cartoon, who she thinks is the less politically correct of the two of them. Erm, she says, tough one - he just about edges it. "Well, he is a sexist, racist, antisemitic misogynist," she says.

Does he agree? "Oh, I guess all that stuff is in me, sure. I wouldn't say I'm an out and out racist or proud or amused by the idea of racism but we all grew up in this culture and we all have those tensions and I just feel it's something that's got to be dealt with and I try to deal with them in a humorous way and poke at the most tender spot that people are most nervous and uncomfortable with."
It's a terrific piece. Go read it.

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